• Iron oxide red
Iron oxide red

Iron oxide red

Paint iron oxide red is widely used in engineering construction, vulcanized rubber, plastic, architectural paint and other industrial production, is very iron red finish with anti-rust treatment, can replace the sky-high red lead paint, save rare metals. It is also a senior fine casting raw material, used in high-precision hardware equipment, optical lenses, grinding and polishing. High purity is the key raw material for powder metallurgy, used in all kinds of magnetic aluminum alloy and other high grade carbon steel smelters. Made from aluminum sulfate or iron oxide yellow or iron mixed by high temperature calcination, or immediately made from liquid substances. Iron oxide red in building materials industry is the key to color cement, colorful cement floor tile, color cement tile, imitation roof tile, concrete floor tile, colorful mortar, colorful asphalt pavement, terrazzo ground, Masek tiles, artificial marble and painted walls; In the paint coating manufacturing industry is key for the production of a variety of paint, architectural paint, printing ink. In other industrial production, such as porcelain, vulcanized rubber, plastic, leather products wipe light paste used to do additives and filling materials.

Used for paint, vulcanized rubber, plastic, engineering construction, etc., in addition to iron oxide pigment can also be used for a variety of skin care products, paper, leather products.
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